What is LinkedIn

You may have heard your friends talking about LinkedIn or have been invited to join, but you may be wondering, what is LinkedIn anyway?

LinkedIn as a Networking Site

LinkedIn is a networking site but unlike Twitter or Facebook, it focuses on your professional life. People use LinkedIn to interact with other users in a professional or business-focused context.

LinkedIn as an Online Directory

It can also be seen as an online directory for professionals and companies. Currently, LinkedIn has over 225 million members from different countries. It can be a great way to research or find information about a specific person or organization.

LinkedIn as a Job Search Website

LinkedIn also allows users to post their resume and is also used by companies for recruiting purposes. It lets recruiters access your profile, know your past work experiences and skills, and determine whether you are qualified for the job opening.


Knowing what is LinkedIn and its purposes will certainly help users to boost their chance in building their career. The advantage of using LinkedIn is that it allows you to be visible to recruiters and human resources staff.