What is a Hipster

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The term hipster has become very popular in the internet world. The internet provides different answers to the question of what is a hipster, but normally this term is used nowadays to refer to individuals who are against anything that is mainstream.

Hipster Fashion

Hipsters commonly wear vintage clothes or retro apparel. They wear skinny jeans and women also wear high-waisted pants as an alternative. Another characteristic of hipsters is that they wear non-prescription and sometimes over-sized glasses. Aside from that, hipsters use a variety of accessories like pins, scarves, chain accessories, or necklaces with aboriginal pendants.

What do Hipsters Enjoy?

Hipsters love anything that is outside of the social mainstream and those that are not overly commercialized. They enjoy things like indie films, indie movies, vintage bicycles, and vintage film cameras.


This article on what is a hipster gives an overview of this new subculture. The ironic part here is that they abhor mainstream things and yet, their subculture itself has become mainstream.

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