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How to Write a Summary for Kids

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Writing a summary for kids is a lot similar to the process of writing other kinds of summaries. Below are simple steps on how to write a summary for kids.

Step One: Choose an age appropriate text and read it thoroughly.

The first thing that you should do is to choose a text that will be appropriate to the age of your target readers. Avoid those that have adult content such as violence, sex, and profanity because people of young age might emulate what they see or read. After choosing the text that you will summarize, you have to read (or reread, if you have already read it before) it carefully and with comprehension just like when writing a book summary.

Step Two: Highlight the important things.

You should include the title, author, and an overview of the text in the introduction. Also find the significant points and lessons that the young readers should learn and emphasize them. Do not include the minor and irrelevant details.

Step Three: Keep it short and simple.

Children would prefer a short summary over one that is too wordy. Remember that your target readers are kids so do not use highfalutin words but at the same time, do not sound like you are belittling them. Young readers tend to have a shorter attention span, so your summary should be simple yet interesting.

Step Four: Edit your summary.

The last step would be to read your work again and double-check for errors in technicality as well as wrong use of words. Refine your work such that it would appeal to your target readers.

To sum up…

This write-up showing how to write a summary proves how simple this task can get. By following some of the pointers provided in this article, you will be able to come up with a summary without breaking a sweat.


  1. Be creative. Use your imagination to come up with a write-up that will get the attention of young readers.
  2.  Read children’s book. You may get some pointers on how to write for kids

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web


How to Write a Plot Summary for a Book

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A plot summary is written in order to give an overview of the story of the book and explain what the writer is trying to impart to the readers. Writing a plot summary may seem to be a complicated task, but following the simple steps listed below on how to write a plot summary for a book will make it a very easy task.

Step One: Know your book.

In order for you to write a good plot summary, you must familiarize yourself with the basic details such as the book’s genre, author, and year of first publication. Make sure that you have also read the book with comprehension.

Step Two: Write an overview.

In this part of the process, you need to determine the central conflict, the setting, the characters, as well as their personalities. Do not focus only on the main characters but also highlight the significance of the supporting ones in the development of the story. State and explain the major themes and ideas presented in the book.

Step Three: Identify and include the key events.

You should determine the most significant events and include them in your plot summary. Explain them and also add quotations or exact lines derived from the book to support your statements.

Step Four: Compare the piece with other books of the same topic.

Look for similarities or differences between the book and other text you have read about the same subject. Express your thoughts and insights about them and present them clearly.

Step Five: Finalize your work and proofread.

You must never forget to proofread your work when writing. Read your work again and check for errors. Constantly edit your write-up, finalize, and submit your work.

To sum up…

A well-written plot summary will entice people to read the book. The plot summary is just enough to attract their attention and allow them to decide if they want to read the entire text. Following the simple steps presented in this article on how to write a plot summary for a book will ensure a good plot summary that will serve its purpose.


  1. This is a kind of summary, so keep it short.
  2. Be as specific as you can and express your ideas in a direct to the point manner.
  3. Be objective in writing. Do not include your personal opinions.

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How to Write a Book Summary

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A book summary should contain the important elements and points of the book. It should be very concise and straight to the point. Sometimes, students see the task of writing a book summary as a difficult and complicated process but if you know the right approach, you will see that this is rather an easy task. Listed below are simple steps on how to write a book summary.

Step One: Read the book.

In order to write the summary, you obviously need to read the book. When I say read, I mean read with comprehension. You have to read the book carefully and grasp all the major ideas and elements. Trust me, if you do not fully understand the fundamental ideas presented in the book, it will cost you more time and energy because during the actual writing process, you will find yourself having the need to reread parts of the book that you did not comprehend.

Step Two: Practice note-taking.

I don’t expect you to have phographic memory and remember everything in the book, so I would advise you to write down notes. You can do this while reading or after you have read few chapters of the book. In taking notes, you do not need to write the exact words found on the book. You can write shortcuts that will help you remember that particular part of the book. Take note of the setting, the tone, the new characters, as well as their personalities.

Step Three: Write the introduction.

You can write a one paragraph introduction that contains the title and author of the book, the genre, the purpose of the book, and a very brief overview. Be objective in writing, and no matter how tempting, do not give your personal opinions.

Step Four: Write the body of your book summary.

In this step, you will have to gather and utilize all your notes. Organize your paragraphs according to the story of the book. Only include the significant points and skip the minor details. The body of your summary should consist of a minimum of three paragraphs depending on how complex the book is.

Step Five: Write the conclusion.

The conclusion can be one paragraph long and should include the key points of the book and also a reiteration of the ending of the book. Do not introduce new ideas because this is already the closing paragraph.

Step Six: Proofread your work.

Before submitting your book summary, read it again and do some editing to refine your work. Keep an eye for grammatical and typographical errors, spelling mistakes, and other errors in technicalities. Make sure that you have used the appropriate words and did not make any alterations on the meaning and implications of the story.

Final Words…

Writing a book summary may seem intimidating especially if the book is a complex one, but if you follow the simple steps found in this article on how to write a book summary, you will be able to accomplish this task in no time.


  1. Use your own words in writing the summary.
  2. Be accurate. Your summary should provide a clear picture on what the book is all about.
  3. Do not alter the meaning of the text.

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