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How to do a sock bun

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Whether it is the hot summer day or a hot date that pushes you to want the perfect bun, the secret is a simple everyday item you probably did not think was for the hair—a clean sock. Knowing how to do a sock bun is a must for young ladies and women who a polished look with minimum effort.

The perfect sock bun in 5 steps:

1. Choose a sock to use.

Pick a sock that is clean but is not useful to you anymore like one that does not have a pair or a style that you don’t like anymore. The sock’s length should be ankle or mid-shin length. Socks that are too long usually bunch up while too short socks just don’t hold.

2. Cut off the toes.

Using a pair of scissors, follow the seams and cut the bottom part of the sock. Clean the edge and hem if needed.

3. Roll and scrunch the sock until it looks like a donut.

4. Make a ponytail.

You can make it as high as you want to.

5. Slide the sock onto the hair until it reaches the crown area of the head.

6. Cover the sock with hair. Make sure that no part of the sock can be seen.

7. Slide a scrunchie or elastic to secure the hair.

8.  Secure any loose hair with bobby pins.


  • Thicker socks make for better sock buns.
  • Multiple thin socks can be used to create one rolled sock.

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web