Orange rind

Orange rind is also known as orange peel. They are often neglected and thrown away but orange rind actually has a lot of uses.


1. For cooking and eating

  • Before peeling off, zest the orange first. Orange zests are great for drinks and cooking.
  • Orange rind is edible. They can be coated in sugar or chocolate and eaten.
  • Dried orange rind can be ground and combined with herbs to make rubs and marinades.
  • Put orange rind in your sugar jar and it will add a pleasant citrus tang to the sweet sugar.
  • Keeping orange rind in the brown sugar container helps keep the sugar soft.

2. Natural deodorizer

  • A small amount of orange rind thrown into the garbage disposal makes for a natural deodorizer.
  • Similarly, keeping orange rind in the cupboards, cabinets or the fridge keep them smelling fresh.
  • Fresh orange rind is perfect for deodorizing and cleaning the kitchen sink. Scrub the peels on the sink to make it squeaky clean.

3. Animal repellent

  • Orange rind puree is great for deterring ants, flies and mosquitoes because these insects hate them.
  • Keeping orange rinds on the soil of your potted plants keep cats and slugs away and turn into natural fertilizer too.
  • Rubbing orange rind on your skin before heading outdoors is a DIY mosquito repellent.

4. For outdoor activities

  • Dried orange rind has highly flammable limonene, which makes it a great fire started for camping trips and outdoor activities.
  • Putting olive oil on the orange rind and using the pith as a wick turns it into an oil lamp.

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