How to zest a lemon

Fresh lemon zest has so much uses in the kitchen. They give flavour to baked products, used in some drinks, garnish certain dishes and add a zing to some entrees. If you would like to use lemon zest in a recipe, you would need to learn how to zest a lemon first.

What you will need:

• Fresh lemons
• Grater
• Knife or vegetable peeler
• Microplane
• Cutting board

Preparing the lemons:

1. Wash the lemons well. Scrub the skin to get rid of dirt and pesticides.
2. Dry the lemons before zesting

Method #1: Using a grater or microplane

1. Use the cutting board as platform for the grater or microplane.
2. Holding the grater or microplane on a slanting position, grate the outer part or rind of the lemon. Be careful not to grate the pith.
3. Rotate the lemon while grating so that you do not grate one side more than once.
4. Continue until you get as much zest as you need.
5. Spoon up the zest from the cutting board.

Method #2: Using a peeler or knife

1. Peel the lemon using a knife or vegetable peeler using just the right amount of pressure.
2. Rotate the lemon while peeling and avoid the getting the pith with the rind.
3. Continue until you get the amount of zest that you need.


• The kind of method you will use will depend on what you need the zest for. Using microplane or grater is for light zest in baking or cooking while peeling is for garnish on a dish or drink.
• Stronger lemon flavour comes from the finer kind of zest.
• Zest can lose flavour when not used immediately
• Cold lemons are easier to zest.