How to write an abstract

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Abstract is a short and effective description of your research paper or report on any topic that will help your professor or boss to know about the concept and main ideas of your research. It helps to make your paper more acceptable at first look to the superior and makes them interested to take look through it, that’s why you have to know how to write an abstract perfectly.

Have some ideas about abstract

Firstly you have to clarify yourself about the type of your abstract. I mean to say you have to know what you are writing before knowing how to write an abstract. When you will know if it is an academic report or a research paper or a data representing paper on behalf of any company, you can then proceed to the next steps to make a unique and quality abstract.

Steps to write a complete abstract

There are some general factors which have to be followed in every types of abstract. They are described below:


You have to make sure your abstract contain all the keywords which may found in the main articles. If you are writing a database research paper then you have to share some database keywords like some problems and their solutions in your abstract. It is not sufficient to add those and you have to put here a complete description of the keys so that reader wouldn’t face any difficulties to understand it.


You have to ask some questions to yourself and try to reflect the answers completely in the article. The questions may be of these types such as

  • How many keywords you’ve used there?
  •  Which steps you’ve taken to complete your job?
  • If your result was perfect or not and so on?

Discussing approach is very important here and you also have to put your research result in your abstract.


Consider to give some appropriate discussion and conclusion in your abstract. In discussion part you have to discuss about everything you’ve faced when researching whether it may be positive or negative and their reasons but in conclusion you have put some positive experience. And most importantly consider several revisions to avoid any type of mistake.

Now you know how to write an abstract so put your approach to impress your professor or office boss with your research paper confidently following these instructions.

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web