How to Write a Good Book Review

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Writing a book review is easy, but writing a good book review is a challenge. Listed below are some tips on how to write a good book review.

Tip #1: Think of a good title.

The first thing that people will usually read is the title, so try to come up with a catchy title. Arouse the curiosity of the readers by making an interesting title for your book review.

Tip #2: Be honest.

Writing an honest evaluation of the book is what a book review is all about. You don’t need to always agree with the ideas of the author.

Tip #3: Explain clearly.

Present your ideas clearly and in such a way that your points will be easily understood by the readers.

Tip #4: Include a quotation or lines from the book.

You can quote a character from the book to support your ideas about a particular theme. Furthermore, it would also be more effective if you back up your assessment and explain what made you say that by getting lines from the text itself.

Tip #5: Go deeper.

The key to writing a good book review is to dig deeper into the text. You should make constructive criticisms to be more effective.

Tip #6: Answer the question, “Would you recommend the book?”

Sometimes, people read reviews to know whether the book is worth reading. With this in mind, it is also advisable to write whether you would recommend the book or not. This part can be included in the concluding paragraph.

Final Words…

I have provided some tips on how to write a good book review, but still the surefire way in good writing is constant practice.


  1. Read a lot. It will not only expand your vocabulary but also improve your reading comprehension.
  2. Read other book reviews. It might help you gain additional insights.
  3. Let others read your work and ask for their feedback.

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web