How to Write A Book Review

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Writing a book review is simply doing an evaluation or an assessment of a book. It is done by giving your opinions and sharing your thoughts about what you’ve read. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to write a book review, refer to the list below.

Step One: Pick a book.

Obviously, the first step would be to pick a book that you would like to review. You can pick any book you are interested with but if your book review is a class requirement, it is advisable that you choose a book that has depth and is something worth reviewing. For example, you can choose to review classic books or those that won some literary awards.

Step Two: Get to know the author and the book.              

Make some research on the background of the author, his/her other books, awards that he/she won, and his/her writing style. Knowing these things will aid you in writing your review. As for the book, you can read the summary usually located at the back cover and know other information about the book such as its genre and year of first publication.

Step Three: Read the book and take notes.

You have to read the book thoroughly and take note of the important points that is worth emphasizing. The note-taking process in writing a book review is that in taking notes that will be used for book review, your thoughts and feelings about the text should be included aside from the major points of the story.

Step Four: Write a short summary of the book.

For the first part of your book review, you need to construct a short summary of the book. You should assume that your readers have not read the book yet (even if in reality, some have read it already). This part should be one paragraph long only. Remember that you are writing a book review and so majority of your write-up should exhibit your own thoughts and opinions about the book like what set it apart from other books you have read. The purpose of this part is to just give the readers an idea or overview of the main subject of the text.

Step Five: Write your evaluation.

In writing your evaluation of the book, you need to discuss the major themes or points that the book conveys. Share your thoughts and feelings freely. If you disagree about an idea of the author, you can state it and provide some reasons why you disagree with the writer. You can also state your opinion on whether the ideas were properly organized or whether the book has an emotional appeal to you. Additionally, you can describe the author’s writing style and state whether you like his/her style or not. You should not be impartial and review the work by its own merit. 

Step Six: Write a conclusion.

In writing a book review, you also need to write a conclusion which should include your thoughts and general impression about the whole book. This serves as your final words so try to summarize all your thoughts.

Step Seven: Reread your book review and do some proofreading.

The last step in writing a book review is to read your write-up again and check if there are any grammatical or technical errors.  Make necessary improvements before submitting your work.

To sum up

One should learn the right way to write a book review. By keeping in mind the pointers on how to write a book review it is probable that you will come up with a well written review.  

Things to consider in writing a book review

  1. Organize your notes and write legibly. Your notes would be useless if you can’t understand what you’ve written.
  2. Engross yourself with what you’re reading.
  3. If you want to write well, read a lot so your vocabulary will expand.
  4. Do not skip any chapter and should read the book from start to finish. You might miss something important.
  5. In taking notes that will be used for book review, you can write a list of the characters with their personalities and the events that lead to a change in character if there are any.

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web