How to whistle

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Whistling is quite a fun and useful skill to learn. A lot of people learn how to whistle as children but believe it or not, there are adults who still have not figured it out.

It is never too late to learn how to whistle:

1. Pucker up your lips.

Position your lips as if you are saying the word “two” or you are giving someone a kiss.

2. Push your tongue towards your lower gum.

Your tongue will have a curved shape even if it does not touch your teeth or gums.

3.  Softly blow air in and out through your lips.

4.  You will produce soft sounds.

5.  Move your tongue and lips to change shape until you find the sound that you like.

5. Experiment and practice until you make different notes.


  • Don’t blow too hard especially during practice because you might run out of breath and get tired easily.
  • Just like in learning other things, you need to rest in between practice.
  • For some, moist lips make whistling easier. Take a sip of water or lick your lips.
  • If the pucker with the “two” position does not work or is difficult for you, try “oh”.
  • Learning how to whistle could be extra challenging if you have some front teeth missing, have braces or dentures.

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web

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