How to void a check

Checks have brought such convenience in terms of how people pay for their transactions. However there are instances where you have to void a check so it will not be used by anyone else. Whether your child has gotten hold of your checkbook and made it into a doodle pad (or playfully wrote a check to a friend) or you accidentally made the wrong check, knowing how to void a check is an essential skill every checkbook owner should have.

What you will need:

  • Check to be voided
  • Permanent pen or marker
  • Internet banking access


1. Using your permanent pen or marker, write the word “VOID” using large letters on the signature line and the payee line.

  • It is important to use permanent ink so that no one will be able to erase what you wrote, just in case you lose the check.
  • Writing in big bold letters is essential so that anyone can easily see that the check is no longer valid.

2. Make a record of the voided check.

  • Use your check register that can be found on your checkbook.
  • Open your online banking software and follow the recording procedures there.

3. Keep the voided check in your file. For reference purposes.

Ensuring that your check is properly voided is necessary for your peace of mind—so you won’t have to worry that someone can access your bank account through the wrong check. Follow the simple steps above and you will do just fine.

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