How to Vacuum a Pool

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People have a common notion that pool cleaning is difficult. This should not be hard if you know the basic of pool vacuuming. Your pool is an investment. Take care of it by knowing how to vacuum a pool. With this article, you will know how to vacuum your pool easily. It should not be that difficult.

The Steps in Pool Vacuuming

1. Prepare a pool hose

This is the first thing that you need to do. Make sure that the pool hose is long enough. It has to reach the far side of the pool in which the host needs to be connected to the inlet.

2. Get an expanding pool pole

This is the next thing that you need to do once you had the pool hose already. This expanding pool pole should be long enough as well that it can reach the center of the pool. Then after, work on the side too.

3. Check on the attachments

These attachments are brush, wheels, and a leaf adapter. All of them can be found alongside with a skimmer basket.

4. Gather your tools

Checking your tools in essential to know everything is in place. See the suction line valve too. Know if it is properly equipped. Select the port before you even begin to vacuum. Make sure to select the port that you will use in vacuuming. This can either be skimmer or lower.

5. Assemble everything

In assembling, you need to connect your vacuum head to your hose. The high-end hoses will have swiveling ends eventually. To prevent problems with drawing air, you need to join the swiveling end to the head. Make sure that they are attached properly and firmly. They need to be well secured.

6. Check the connections

This is done to make sure that everything is in place. Try to lower the head, hose and pole. Do it into the deep end. This will leave one end of the pole floating above the water.

7. Take free end of the hose, fill with water

This step should be done while preventing the air from coming into the pump. This is termed as priming. This is the part where water is being sent through the hose. While doing this, you will notice bubbles which are rising from the head of the vacuum. Once the hose is filled with water already, you will notice that no bubbles will come out. If this happens, suction has been created already. The head will be flat and tight on the floor of the pool.

8. Switch the filter nozzle

This is the step when you switch the nozzle into the intake mode instead. Intake mode is the time when the water is being sucked. You need to guide the head of the vacuum in this. Use the telescopic pole on the floor. You will see the dirt which is being sucked in. Vacuum properly and enjoy the process! Make sure to maneuver the vacuum on the sides of the pool!

Pool vacuuming can be easy if you know what you are doing. This is a task that you need to prepare regularly. With this, you will no longer have a hard time cleaning your pool!

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web