How to right click on a Mac

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Right click is very important for the Mac users as most of the commands need right clicks to open any application. If you are a new Mac user and don’t know how to right click on a Mac then  read through this article and learn how to right click on a Mac.


  • A PC or laptop of Mac OS.
  • Keyboard
  • Mac Mouse

How to right click on a Mac

There are different ways to right click on a Mac. Some of the easy methods are described below:

  • Control click method
  • Trackpad+ tow finger method

Control click method

It is named so because of being used of the two buttons ‘control key’ and the ‘mouse button’.

  • Press the control key and holding it pressed click on the one button mouse.
  • Leave the control key after click.
  • You will see a menu box on screen
  • Choose your option whatever you need from it.

Mac mouse contains only one button different from windows pc mouse, that’s why you need to follow this option of Control+ click. You will see the control button 2nd from left side to the space bar.

There is another option which may also help you. Read it below to know how to right click on a Mac manually.

Trackpad+ two finger method

This method helps to right click manually from the options. Follow the below steps to learn this method.

  • First you have to enable 2-finger clicking option.
  • Now open system preferences, it is situated under the apple menu and click on trackpad icon.
  • Trackpad tab should open then click on the checkbox beside the secondary click to enable it, a menu box will appear then select the click or tab with two fingers then a video example will appear to teach you the exact way to place your fingers.
  • You can now test what you turn on or what you learn from the video. So you should now go to the finder and place your 2 fingers of on the touchpad and you will see a contextual menu.
  • Then choose your desired option from the menu.
  • For your information this method is effective with all kinds of trackpad surfaces.

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web