How to Remove Wallpaper

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Is your wallpaper starting to peel off? Or do you simply think that its design is already outdated and you want a new one? This article will show you how to remove wallpaper the easy way.

Step One: Protect your stuff.

You can protect your pieces of furniture by covering them with drop cloths or by simply moving your furniture out of the room. You can also place drop cloths to cover your carpet or anything else in the room that you don’t want to possibly get damaged.

Step Two: Cut the electricity.

You have to switch off the circuit breakers and cut the electricity to the particular room.

Step Three: Cover your power outlets.

Electrical outlets, even those without power, can be dangerous when they get wet during the process. To avoid the risk of electrical fire cover the power outlets in the room with tape.

Step Four: Make the solution.

Mix a 50/50 solution of hot water combined with any fabric softener. Put the solution in a large spray bottle.

Step Five: Score the wallpaper.

Use a scoring tool to make holes in the wallpaper. The significance of using a scoring tool is that it will allow the solution to seep in and reach the adhesive base of the wallpaper.

Step Six: Soak the wall.

Spray your prepared solution to a portion of the wall and let it soak for several minutes. Don’t soak the entire wall with the solution; saturate only the part that you can strip off under a 10-15 minute period.

Step Seven: Strip the wallpaper.

After waiting for several minutes, you can now start peeling it off. With the aid of a putty knife, you can strip off the wallpaper starting at the bottom corner. Repeat the previous step until the entire wallpaper is removed.

Step Eight: Clean your walls.

After your wallpaper has been removed, some traces of wallpaper adhesive may be left on your walls. To clean this, make another solution by mixing dishwashing liquid with hot water. Use a sponge soaked in the solution to scrub the walls. After scrubbing, you can rinse the walls with clean water and wipe it with a dry towel.

Final Words…

Removing wallpaper is a tedious task, but following these simple steps on how to remove wallpaper will spare you from too much hassle. What you need is patience, effort, and the right tools to be able to accomplish this chore.


  1. You can use a paint roller instead of a spray bottle.
  2. Instead of putty knife, you can use plastic spatula.
  3. Commercially prepared solutions such as Polycell Wallpaper Stripper, DIF Wallpaper Remover, and Piranha Wallpaper Remover Pacs are available in the market.

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web