How to open a JAR file

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JAR files are very important as they are used by the leading programming language Java which was gotten released in 1995 across the world and developed by the Sun Microsoft. It is very easy to open a JAR file, just look through this article and will come to know how to open a JAR file.


If you are going to open a jar then you must meet these requirements such as:

  • JAR file
  • Internet access
  • Installed Java

How to open a JAR?

The easy but effective steps how to open a JAR file are described below.

  1. First download a free copy of the software Java and save it into your pc.
  2. Then click the file to install Java and follow the instructions what then comes one by one after double clicking on the application.
  3. Then go to the JAR which one you wanted to open. It should be in .jar form as extension.
  4. Then consider double click on the JAR file.
  5. If it is a compressed file then it’ll open and run by itself.
  6. But if it’s not a compressed file then you’ll have to right click on the Jar file.
  7. Select the option ‘open’ from the context menu. Then the packed or archived files will be unpacked.

You can also use the WinZip to open a JAR file if there is some Java programs in the JAR file.

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web