How to not throw up

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Throwing up is not any usual case and it’s really bad for your health and for your appearance among crowd especially when you are surrounded with different important persons of your life or from your office. So it’s an obvious to know how to not throw up or vomit to keep maintaining every situation.

Reasons of vomiting

Throwing up or vomiting may happen from different serious reasons of like acidity problem, headache, and fever or from other sickness. But there is another reason for vomiting in any public place which is very embarrassing and it is drinking alcohol. Over drinking is one of the main reasons to vomit. So we should be aware of that.

How to not throw up

There are some processes of avoiding vomiting for instant such as:

  • Control your drinking and food habit.
  • Do some extra efforts.

These options are elaborated below.

Control your drinking and food habit

There are some cautions which may apply to your food and drinking habit. Those are given here.

In case of drinking. You should not drink too much when it would be your first time because then you might not be able to control. Also you should keep a limit when drinking because over amount of drinking alcohol causes heavy throwing up.

In case of food. You should not try those foods which don’t suit your taste. And many foods may control vomiting like lemons or any other sour green foods. You may take some fruits when you are over drunk to control vomiting or you may drink water.

Do some extra efforts

You can go out and take some fresh air which will make you feel good when you are feeling like throwing up.

Effects of throwing up

There are so many bad effects of vomiting along with a small amount of benefit.

Bad effects

It may make you sick and may cause bleeding. It also tears down the esophageal line along with tooth enamel. Throwing is so dangerous that it may cause harm to heart.

Good effects

It may help you to feel relieved lessening your suffocations and it brings out the pollutants from inside your body. If you’ve taken any medicine or poison by mistake or willingly then throwing is the best way to make it come out from your body to save your life.

These are the facts related vomiting. When you are known to how to not throw up or how to control it then you may come out from different difficult situations and also save your sensitive organs from the

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web