How to Not Throw Up -2

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Are you feeling nauseous or experiencing motion sickness? Do you have an upset stomach? If you feel like you want to throw up but you are in the wrong place or inconvenient time, you can follow the simple steps listed below on how to not throw up.

Step One: Focus your attention to something else.

Think of a random topic and avoid concentrating on the thought that you want to vomit.

Step Two: Take deep breaths.

Breathe deeply and relax to relieve the feeling of wanting to throw up.

Step Three: Get some fresh air.

Go outside to get some fresh air. As much as possible, avoid going to areas where there are strong odors because it might bring back the feeling of wanting to vomit.

Step Four: Chew a gum.

Chewing a gum or sucking on a candy can also give you relief from the unpleasant feeling.

Step Five: Do not drink water.

Drinking water will only intensify the feeling of wanting to throw up, so it is advisable that you do not drink water at least 30 minutes after the feeling of vomiting subsided.

Step Six: Drink antacid.

Taking an antacid can help in calming down your stomach especially if the cause is hyperacidity.


If the steps listed here on how to not throw up are not working and you still feel the need to vomit, do not hold it back. Throwing up can be the body’s response when harmful substances were ingested or something irritated your intestines. After all, you will feel much better after vomiting.

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web