How to not cry

Crying is a natural human reaction. But there are some circumstances where crying can be inconvenient or embarrassing.

Here are some tips to help you learn how to not cry.

  • Think of something else other than the thought that is hurting you. Thinking of math problems for instance, keeps your brain busy so you will not be so emotional.
  • Consciously hold your eyes wide open and do not blink so often. Blinking stimulates the eyes and encourages the tears to fall.
  • Practice long deep breaths, hold your breath for 30 seconds then slowly release. Puffing your cheeks helps too.
  • Try crossing your eyes. This helps prevent the formation of tears.
  • Trigger a different pain or pressure point on your body so you will be distracted from crying. Pinching yourself gently or biting your tongue works best.
  • Release your stress through squeezing a toy or screaming on a pillow.
  • Tickle your hard palette (the roof of your mouth) with your tongue.
  • Try to smile, laugh or yawn. These facial movements loosen the jaw and facial muscles so that you won’t feel so uptight anymore.
  • Wash your face or take a shower because water refreshes your body and relaxes you.
  • Eat ice cream. The sweetness and coldness helps your calm down.

 Additional tips:

  • If you do end up crying, you can blame it on the allergies.
  • Find someone to talk to about the reasons that you want to cry. Keeping emotions bottled up inside you is never good.
  • Write your feelings down to release them.