How to make buttermilk

Many baking recipes call for buttermilk. Although ready to use buttermilk can be bought from the grocery store, it can also be made from the home. There are many ways on how to make buttermilk from scratch. Find the best ones below.

What you will need:

• measuring spoon
• measuring cup (for liquids)
• jar

any of these:

• heavy cream (not ultra-pasteurized)
• milk
• vinegar
• lemon juice
• cream of tartar
• plain yoghurt


1. Heavy Cream

• Unscrew the jar lid and fill the jar halfway with heavy cream.
• Firmly screw the lid back on.
• Shake the jar back and forth for several minutes until the heavy cream turns into whipped cream.
• Continue shaking until the whipped cream turns into a yellow glob and a separate liquid. The glob is butter and the liquid is the buttermilk.
• Pour the buttermilk out of the jar and keep the butter for later.

2. Lemon juice or vinegar

• Using the measuring spoon, measure one tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar.
• Put the lemon juice or vinegar into the measuring cup .
• Pour milk into the cup up to the one cup line.
• Mix and let it stand for 5 minutes then buttermilk is ready to use.

3. Plain yoghurt

• Measure out 2 tablesppons of milk.
• Add it to the plain yoghurt to make one cup.
• Stir thoroughly and you will get buttermilk..

4. Cream of tartar

• Measure 1 cup of milk.
• Add 1 ¾ tablespoon cream of tartar.
• Mix well.
• Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes so it will curdle.

5. Sour Cream

• Measure about half a cup of sour cream.
• Thin out the sour cream with milk until you achieve the consistency of buttermilk.
• Stir well and you now have buttermilk.


• Butter that comes out from method 1 spoils easily so it has to be used right away.
• With all milk procedure, mixtures have to be left to stand at room temperature to allow for curdling.
• The curdling is really supposed to happen with each method because buttermilk is a relatively acidic ingredient.

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