How to get rid of gnats

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Gnats are very irritating insect though it doesn’t do that much harm to people but its natural habit of flying most of time around people and sitting on foods make it unbearable as they fly around trash. There are some ways described below for your help if you want to know the answer of how to get rid of gnats, it will surely help you.

Some method of getting rid of gnats

There are some simple ways to get rid from gnats such as you can trap them to kill them and if you don’t want to kill them you can prevent them to come to your place also there are many sprays or foggers to getting rid from gnats.

Killing them


If you have got so irritate that you want to kill them then the best way to do so will be using foggers. These types of spray are mostly used to kill the gnats. There are different types of chemical base sprays to kill different types of gnats so you have to choose the suitable one such as you can use choose the fogger containing pyrethrum to kill the black gnats and or may choose hard mosquito preventing sprays to get rid of small gnats like eye gnats.


You also can make a trap for the gnats to catch them to kill. In that case you can use vinegar which is the main element to draw their attention to your trap. You can put some vinegar in a pot with a way to enter for the gnats. By this way you can easily trap them and kill them.

Prevent them to come to your place

Gnats are mainly watched to fly around any dirty a wet place. So you have to keep your house free from this nuisance which may attract them to your house. You can put off the house hold trash in a dustbin which is far from your house. Also you can keep your food covered to keep them aloof from gnats.

Now you know how to get rid of gnats, so try these simple steps first and solve your problem very easily.

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web