How to french braid

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There are a handful of hairstyles that women refer to as their must-learns. One of these classic hairstyles is the French braid. This kind of braid appears sophisticated and chic but it is actually simple to do.

What you will need:

  • Hair that falls below the shoulders (all braids look better with longer hair)
  • Hair brush
  • Elastics
  • Bobby pins

Here’s how:

1. Prepare your hair.

  • Brush to carefully remove the tangles.
  • Dry your hair if you do not want to end up with waves after removing the braid.

2. Part your hair into sections.

Use your fingers to get 3-4 inch hair sections from the sides of your temples or just above your ears. Bring them to the center back of your head.

3. Create 3 strands out of the joined sections.

Make sure that all 3 strands are similar and even.

4. Begin the braiding.

  • Take two strands with one hand and the third strand on your opposite hand.
  • Braid a few rows (about three to four) of regular braids by alternately crossing the three strands.
  • As you continue down , incorporate the all of your hair strands into the braid.

5. Secure the braid with a durable elastic.

When you have all your hair in a braid, tie it with an elastic before accessorizing with a ribbon or any colourful hair tie of your choice.

6. Use bobby pins for the wispy sides around your nape or next to your ear if you want a sleeker look.


  • Braid your hair as tightly as you can because it will loosen up as you move throughout the day.
  • Using hairspray or similar products will keep every strand in place.
  • When you French braid your hair wet it will eventually dry and you will have curls when you remove them.
  • French braids work well for formal events when the strands are accessorized with jewels or tied in a bun at the bottom.

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web