How to eat a Mango

Mangoes are delicious tropical fruits that can be eaten while they are raw and green or while they are lovely yellow and ripe. If it is a kind of fruit that you are not familiar with, you will need these pointers on how to eat a mango.

Ripe mango

Method #1: Cutting

  1. Put the mango on a cutting board in an upright position. The nub (or the hard part where the branch was attached) should be on top and the thin end should be at the bottom.
  2. Carefully slide the knife down from the side of the nub to cut one “cheek” of mango. You will feel the hard seed or core as you cut. Avoid it.
  3. Cut the other side.
  4. Spoon out the mango flesh or cut it in cubes as you wish.

Method #2: Peeling

  1. Turn the mango in a triangle position. The hard nub should be at the bottom and the thin tip should be on top.
  2. Pinch the tip with your fingers to create a cut on it.
  3. Start peeling away the skin of the mango halfway. This can get a little sticky or messy.
  4. Eat the mango flesh and leave out the seed.


  • Ripe mango is better eaten right away after cutting.
  • The best ripe mangoes do not have white spots and bruises on the flesh. If you find some, cut those parts away and do not eat.
  • Ripe mangoes can also be made into fruit drinks or incorporated in desserts and entrees. 

Green mango

  1. Peel the mango using a sharp knife or peeler.
  2. Cut away the flesh until you reach the seed or core.
  3. Eat the strips or pieces of green mango flesh.


  • Green mango flesh tastes sour so they are often served with something salty or sweet. Suggestions are sugar, honey, salt and fish preserves.