How to draw anime head

How to draw anime head appears to be difficult but it is not really that hard. It is important to know the type of character you want to draw (male, female, chibi, elf, etc.) and the view of the character you need for the drawing. Most anime characters share similar attributes like pointy features, expressive eyes and obvious anime emotions.


  • Clean sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Eraser
  • Coloring materials


Front view

  • Draw a circle.
  • Draw a long vertical line at the center of the circle. The ends of the line should extend a little over the edges of the circle.
  • Draw horizontal dashes across the center of the circle.
  • Below the broken lines, draw one long solid horizontal line. You now end up with a long cross and a dashed line.
  • Make a big “V” at the bottom half of the circle. The point of the “V” should be at the center, meeting the vertical line.
  • Draw the eyes: the eyebrows should go up to the dashed line and the rest of the eyes should be at the solid horizontal line.
  • Draw the nose along the vertical line just below the eyes.
  • Draw the mouth below the nose.
  • Draw the ears as low as the nose and up to the dashed line.
  • Draw two vertical lines below the face for the neck.
  • Draw the hair above the circle and add as much details as you want.
  • Go to Procedure #4: Finish up

Side view

Anime characters are not always drawn in the front view. Drawing anime in a side view position is quite different but easy as well.

  • Draw a circle, cross and dashed line the same way as front view.
  • Look at the bottom half of the circle and begin drawing a straight line down from the edge of the circle and a slightly curved line upwards to the center line. Don’t worry if it kind of looks like a bird’s beak, this will soon look like a chin.
  • Draw the nape of the neck by drawing a vertical line at the opposite side of the chin that you drew.
  • Draw the eyebrows at the dashed line and the eyes at the solid horizontal line. Remember to draw the eyes to fit a side view.
  • At the very center of the circle, begin drawing the ears up to the dashed lines.
  • Draw the eyes and mouth on the straight line that looks like a bird’s beak.
  • Draw in more details like the hair and forehead.
  • Go to Procedure #4: Finish up

Quarter view

It’s also good to know how to draw the quarter view. This one is the trickiest of the three.

  • Draw a circle, cross and dashed line the same way as front view.
  • Draw two curved lines from top to bottom. Make one line longer than the other. The longer line will be the middle of the face (let’s call it “face line”) and the shorter line will be used for the ear (let’s call it “ear mark”).
  • Start by drawing the jawline. Just like in front view, make a “V” but use the longer curved line as the center of the “V” instead.
  • Extend the jawline up to the ear mark.
  • Draw one neck line just below the chin and another near the ear mark.
  • Draw in the one eye right at the middle of the cross.
  • The other eye should be drawn around the area of the face line. This eye should be slightly smaller than the other because the face is in quarter view.
  • As usual, the eyebrows should be drawn near the dashed line.
  • Draw the nose and mouth along the face line.
  • Draw the ear at the ear mark, with the tip of the ear being at the dashed line.
  • Draw the hair and other details.

Finish up

  • Once you are happy with your drawing, trace with a pen and erase the pencil lines.
  • Color [א1] as you wish.


  • If you want to make the face thinner, start with a circle that looks more like an oval.
  • There are different kinds of eyes, noses and ears depending on the character you really want to achieve.
  • Drawing anime takes some practice and patience, so don’t get frustrated right away.

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