How to ask a girl to prom

The prom is one of those events that could either make for great memories of terrible times to forget. If you are one of those teen boys seeking to make prom an extra special event, you probably want to spend it with a girl you really like. Don’t know how to ask her? Don’t fret;

here are some tips to help you out.

1. Assess how well you know the girl.

  • This is important in figuring out if she will say yes or give you the thumbs down.
  • If her well enough as in you are friends or classmates who talk a lot, your chances could be quite high.
  • Find out if she already has a date, has a boyfriend or is totally not going to the prom before actually planning on asking her. You don’t want to get yourself in trouble by asking a girl who is already ‘taken’, so to speak.
  • Know about the things that she likes or hates. This will come in handy when striking a conversation with her or when you are actually taking her to prom.

2. Plan ahead. Timing is key in making your approach.

  • Asking her when you two are alone or when there are not so much people around.
  • Find a low-key environment like the cafeteria, study hall or library.

3. Go ask her.

  • Look casual yet presentable. This means you don’t look sweaty from gym class and you should at least smell nice.
  • Ask her in a friendly manner. No need to go over the top and make her swoon. You are asking her to the prom, not asking to marry her. Save the efforts for when you are dating (if it comes to that).
  • Don’t forget to show positive energy by smiling, maintaining eye contact and not fidgeting when you ask. Act confident and be yourself.
  • Although it is not recommended, you may also ask her through text message, chat, old school letter or via a phone call.


  • Don’t make a big deal out of it. If she says yes then that’s good but don’t mope if she says no. It will draw unnecessary attention on you.
  • If she says yes, show her a good time at the prom. Give her your best foot forward and a little chivalry goes a long way too.
  • If she says no, you can always ask someone else. Do not require an explanation or ask for her to reconsider. That will make you look like  a desperate loser.