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BMI (Body mass index) is used to measure our body fat.


Body mass index is also called Quetlet Index. It is a measurement technique by which we can measure our body fat based on our height and weight. It is world widely.

How to determine our BMI

We can estimate BMI by following way.

BMI= weight (kg)/height (m2).


Let my height is 5 ft 4’’, and my weight is 57 kg. Now I am going to calculate my BMI.

[1ft= 12 inch, so 5ft 4inch ={(12*5) +4} = 64 inch. 1 inch = 2.5 cm so, 64 inch =(64*2.5) =2.56]

So, my BMI is =weight (kg)/height (m2) =57/1.60*1.60= 22.2


WHO referred that if one’s BMI is 18.5 then he or she will suffer from  underweight, malnutrition, and whose BMI is greater than 25 he or she will suffer from overweight and when BMI comes above 30 then he or she will suffer from obesity.

Categories BMI range kg/m2 BMI prime
Very severely underweight Less than 15 Less that 0.60
Severely underweight from 15 to 16 from 0.60 to 0.65
 Underweight  from 16 to 18.5 From 0.65 to 0.75
Normal (healthy) from 18.5 to 25 From 0.75 to 1
Overweight from  25 to 30 From 1.0 to 2
Obese class 1(moderate obese) from 30 to 25 From 1.2 to 1.4
Obese class 2 (severe obese) from  35 to 40 From 1.4 to 1.5

BMI for age

To assess body fat of any children, BMI is used.  It is calculated same way as for adults. When people whose age 20years or under having BMI is less than 6th percentile then he or she considered as underweight and above 94th percentile will suffer from obesity. When BMI is 86th to 96th for the age group of under 20 will suffer from overweight.

Things that you should know about BMI


  • It is a simple method
  • Time consuming method
  • Easy to understand
  • Apart from shoe no need to remove cloths.

Short comings

  • It is not distinguish between overweight and obesity.
  • It is not differentiate between muscle mass, fat, internal organ. Skeletal weight.


BMI provides us a quick result about people’s body fat. It has some limitations. To get an accurate result we should use BMI with other anthropometric test.

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What is YOLO

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You see YOLO on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram. You see it everywhere on the internet. You hear teenagers say this a lot and some even have shirts that say “YOLO.” You may be wondering, what is YOLO?

Meaning of the Acronym                 

YOLO is actually an acronym that stands for You Only Live Once. This is like a slang term for the Latin phrase, carpe diem, which means “seize the day.” You can also see it as a modern term for the Latin phrase, memento mori which is a reminder that death is inevitable. This suggests that one should live life to the fullest and not be afraid of taking risks.

Origin of YOLO

This slang term is popularized by the rapper, Drake, in his song The Motto. Since then, this slogan was used by teenagers and became popular in the internet world. Aside from that, different kinds of merchandise with this slang term were produced. To find more about the origin of YOLO, you can watch this short documentary:


The problem with the popularization of this term is that the real and logical definition of what is YOLO seems to be ignored because it is sometimes used as an excuse for reckless and irresponsible behavior. It is ironic that people who use the slogan You Only Live Once turn to this phrase whenever they do things that they are likely to regret in the future.

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What is LinkedIn

You may have heard your friends talking about LinkedIn or have been invited to join, but you may be wondering, what is LinkedIn anyway?

LinkedIn as a Networking Site

LinkedIn is a networking site but unlike Twitter or Facebook, it focuses on your professional life. People use LinkedIn to interact with other users in a professional or business-focused context.

LinkedIn as an Online Directory

It can also be seen as an online directory for professionals and companies. Currently, LinkedIn has over 225 million members from different countries. It can be a great way to research or find information about a specific person or organization.

LinkedIn as a Job Search Website

LinkedIn also allows users to post their resume and is also used by companies for recruiting purposes. It lets recruiters access your profile, know your past work experiences and skills, and determine whether you are qualified for the job opening.


Knowing what is LinkedIn and its purposes will certainly help users to boost their chance in building their career. The advantage of using LinkedIn is that it allows you to be visible to recruiters and human resources staff.

What is a Hipster

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The term hipster has become very popular in the internet world. The internet provides different answers to the question of what is a hipster, but normally this term is used nowadays to refer to individuals who are against anything that is mainstream.

Hipster Fashion

Hipsters commonly wear vintage clothes or retro apparel. They wear skinny jeans and women also wear high-waisted pants as an alternative. Another characteristic of hipsters is that they wear non-prescription and sometimes over-sized glasses. Aside from that, hipsters use a variety of accessories like pins, scarves, chain accessories, or necklaces with aboriginal pendants.

What do Hipsters Enjoy?

Hipsters love anything that is outside of the social mainstream and those that are not overly commercialized. They enjoy things like indie films, indie movies, vintage bicycles, and vintage film cameras.


This article on what is a hipster gives an overview of this new subculture. The ironic part here is that they abhor mainstream things and yet, their subculture itself has become mainstream.

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What is Molly

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When you hear the word molly, it seems like it is something innocent, something harmless. This article will unravel the truth on what is molly.

What’s in a Name?

The term molly was derived from the word molecule and is used to refer to a kind of club drug. It is a powdered form of MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine), which is a molecular compound found in Ecstasy.


Molly was believed to be a pure form of Ecstasy but in reality, it is a mixture of Ecstasy and other substances ranging from talc, to bath salts, to other forms of drug such as heroin, meth, and cocaine.


Molly is a stimulant drug and some of its effects include hyperactivity and heightened alertness. Some experience negative effects such as anxiousness, dizziness, agitation, sweating, chills, and sometimes, fainting may also occur. Other common side effects that were also reported include blurred vision, uncontrollable teeth grinding, muscle tension, nausea, and increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Health Risks

Molly is becoming popular to teenagers because it is advertised as a safe way to get high, but actually it is just as harmful as the other kinds of drugs. People who use this drug are at risk to hyperthermia, as well as heart and kidney problems.

Final Words…

People should not take this subject lightly. Upon reading this article on what is molly and its harmful effects people, most especially parents, should have the initiative to make necessary steps to help prevent the increase in number of people being addicted to this drug.

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