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How to install minecraft mods

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Minecraft is an interesting and exciting game played by children and adults alike. A modification or “mod” changes the Minecraft game a little from its original form, to enhance the playing experience. Most of the available mods make use of MCP to add various terrains, items or functions.

The easiest steps on how to install Minecraft mods on PC are:

1. Download the mod you want to install.

2. Make sure you have an extractor for .zip, .rar and .jar  files such as:

3. Open the Minecraft folder, find the “bin” folder and click on it.

4. Locate the .jar file and open it using your unarchiver or unzipper program

5. Install the modloader if you don’t have it yet.

6. Make a temporary folder for the mod you extracted. This will be useful just in case you make a mistake.

7. Drag and drop the contents of the mod folder into the Minecraft WinRAR window. The files will merge, so don’t worry.

8. Go to the minecraft.jar folder and delete the META-INF folder which interferes with many mods.

9. Begin playing Minecraft and enjoy your new mods.


  • The steps may take a while if you are a newcomer. But you will get used to installing mods because the basic processes are the same.
  • Be careful of malwares and spywares when you download. Go online to trusted Minecraft related sites and forum.

Useful Tutorial Links – Youtube:

Read more about How to -  simple manuals on the web