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How to not throw up

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Throwing up is not any usual case and it’s really bad for your health and for your appearance among crowd especially when you are surrounded with different important persons of your life or from your office. So it’s an obvious to know how to not throw up or vomit to keep maintaining every situation.

Reasons of vomiting

Throwing up or vomiting may happen from different serious reasons of like acidity problem, headache, and fever or from other sickness. But there is another reason for vomiting in any public place which is very embarrassing and it is drinking alcohol. Over drinking is one of the main reasons to vomit. So we should be aware of that.

How to not throw up

There are some processes of avoiding vomiting for instant such as:

  • Control your drinking and food habit.
  • Do some extra efforts.

These options are elaborated below.

Control your drinking and food habit

There are some cautions which may apply to your food and drinking habit. Those are given here.

In case of drinking. You should not drink too much when it would be your first time because then you might not be able to control. Also you should keep a limit when drinking because over amount of drinking alcohol causes heavy throwing up.

In case of food. You should not try those foods which don’t suit your taste. And many foods may control vomiting like lemons or any other sour green foods. You may take some fruits when you are over drunk to control vomiting or you may drink water.

Do some extra efforts

You can go out and take some fresh air which will make you feel good when you are feeling like throwing up.

Effects of throwing up

There are so many bad effects of vomiting along with a small amount of benefit.

Bad effects

It may make you sick and may cause bleeding. It also tears down the esophageal line along with tooth enamel. Throwing is so dangerous that it may cause harm to heart.

Good effects

It may help you to feel relieved lessening your suffocations and it brings out the pollutants from inside your body. If you’ve taken any medicine or poison by mistake or willingly then throwing is the best way to make it come out from your body to save your life.

These are the facts related vomiting. When you are known to how to not throw up or how to control it then you may come out from different difficult situations and also save your sensitive organs from the

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How to Not Throw Up -2

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Are you feeling nauseous or experiencing motion sickness? Do you have an upset stomach? If you feel like you want to throw up but you are in the wrong place or inconvenient time, you can follow the simple steps listed below on how to not throw up.

Step One: Focus your attention to something else.

Think of a random topic and avoid concentrating on the thought that you want to vomit.

Step Two: Take deep breaths.

Breathe deeply and relax to relieve the feeling of wanting to throw up.

Step Three: Get some fresh air.

Go outside to get some fresh air. As much as possible, avoid going to areas where there are strong odors because it might bring back the feeling of wanting to vomit.

Step Four: Chew a gum.

Chewing a gum or sucking on a candy can also give you relief from the unpleasant feeling.

Step Five: Do not drink water.

Drinking water will only intensify the feeling of wanting to throw up, so it is advisable that you do not drink water at least 30 minutes after the feeling of vomiting subsided.

Step Six: Drink antacid.

Taking an antacid can help in calming down your stomach especially if the cause is hyperacidity.


If the steps listed here on how to not throw up are not working and you still feel the need to vomit, do not hold it back. Throwing up can be the body’s response when harmful substances were ingested or something irritated your intestines. After all, you will feel much better after vomiting.

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What is Molly

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When you hear the word molly, it seems like it is something innocent, something harmless. This article will unravel the truth on what is molly.

What’s in a Name?

The term molly was derived from the word molecule and is used to refer to a kind of club drug. It is a powdered form of MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine), which is a molecular compound found in Ecstasy.


Molly was believed to be a pure form of Ecstasy but in reality, it is a mixture of Ecstasy and other substances ranging from talc, to bath salts, to other forms of drug such as heroin, meth, and cocaine.


Molly is a stimulant drug and some of its effects include hyperactivity and heightened alertness. Some experience negative effects such as anxiousness, dizziness, agitation, sweating, chills, and sometimes, fainting may also occur. Other common side effects that were also reported include blurred vision, uncontrollable teeth grinding, muscle tension, nausea, and increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Health Risks

Molly is becoming popular to teenagers because it is advertised as a safe way to get high, but actually it is just as harmful as the other kinds of drugs. People who use this drug are at risk to hyperthermia, as well as heart and kidney problems.

Final Words…

People should not take this subject lightly. Upon reading this article on what is molly and its harmful effects people, most especially parents, should have the initiative to make necessary steps to help prevent the increase in number of people being addicted to this drug.

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how to twerk

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Just last month, Miley Cyrus judged a twerking contest over a radio station in London. Twerking has become a popular move done and caught on camera by many. Not known to many, the word “twerk” has been around in hip-hop music since the early 1990s.

Twerking is all about the shaking of the hips and the bottom. How to twerk is something that is better seen in demonstration than written in words. If you would like to learn how to twerk, here are the most useful YouTube links:

Like many dance moves, the perfect twerk does not happen in a day for beginners. It takes a little bit of practice but it is lots of fun to do.

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How to roll a blunt

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Rolling the perfect blunt is essential to the overall smoking experience. It is one of the first things newbies to smoking medical marijuana need to learn about. How to roll a blunt can be really easy once you get the hang of it.

What you will need:

  • A blunt
  • Rolling paper
  • Clean tray to roll on
  • Big bud
  • Grinder (optional)
  • Paper bill (optional)


1. Pick a paper and cut it to size.

Rolling papers made of rice or straw are the easiest to work with so choose one that you like. Cut the paper to a wide, square starting shape.

2. Prepare you stash and make your mix depending on your needs.

Others put tobacco, hashish and resin oil together with the cannabis leaf.

3. Grind the buds, break the stems and remove all seeds.

Big pieces burn slowly and unevenly, and they can ruin your blunt by tearing the paper.

After the basic preparation, you are ready for any of the methods below:

Method 1: Roll with a bill

  1. Load your prepared mix on the paper money.
  2. Roll the bill gently back and forth to shape it.
  3. Put the paper with sticky side up in between the bill and your mix.
  4. Roll again to form the cylinder.
  5. Remove the rolled joint carefully by pulling it from the bill.
  6. Lick the sticky part to seal.
  7. Twist both ends of the cigarette to keep the mix from falling out.

Method 2: Marijuana cigarette

1. Make a roach out of a thin card. (Index or business card will do)

  • Fold the card to look like a small “W” in a circle.
  • The roach should be just the right size, not too wide and not too thin. Thin ones easily clog and wide ones give rougher smoke.

2. Roll the marijuana cigarette

  • Fold the rolling paper in half lengthwise, with the glue side up.
  • Put your prepared green inside and distribute it evenly.
  • Carefully lift everything up and roll it back and forth until paper is in cylindrical shape.
  • Put the roach on one end of the cigarette, right next to the middle fold.
  • Tuck and roll away.

3. Seal the cigarette by licking the glue.

4. Twist the end with no roach and take off the tip.

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