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How to Zoom Out on Firefox

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Zoom allows you to increase or even decrease the size of Firefox web page you are browsing at. It is called zooming in and out. This is also termed as the default zoom. This is perfect for individuals who want to improve the readability of Firefox. But sometimes, people do not really know how this thing works. They often lead to zooming in their Firefox page so much that they do not even know how to zoom it out. If this happens to you for a lot of time, this article intends to help you in understanding the zoom settings.

How to Zoom Out on Firefox

Zooming out on Firefox can be done on various ways. With this, you may consider using your keyboard, mouse, menu and toolbar.

1. Press and hold ctrl while pressing –

This works if you want to zoom out using your keyboard. Just a tip, it is actually working in reverse with zooming in. If you want to make use of the normal and default size, then press ctrl alongside with 0.

2. Press and hold ctrl while scrolling down

This works if you are using a mouse. The scrolling is also appropriate if your mouse has a scroll wheel. This would have to be the easiest step in zooming out your webpage.

3. Press Alt

This is appropriate if you want to change the size of your web page using the menu button. You will stumble upon this on the top of the Firefox window. What you need to do once you see the menu is click View then, look for the Zoom part.

4. Select on the Customize toolbar

This works if you want to zoom out using Toolbar. Upon seeing the Toolbar window, drag and click Zoom Controls. Then click Done to finish what you are doing. You can even click – to zoom out in no time!

The above mentioned are the ways in zooming out your Firefox. It can be easy for you have various options. Think now if you want to use your keyboard, mouse, menu or toolbar instead. All of them can be effective in dealing with this Firefox feature.

When do I use Zoom?

There are various purposes for the Zoom feature. You use it if you want not just to increase the size of your Firefox web page but also in increasing your font size instead. What is even more interesting is that today, this Zoom feature also works for mobile phones! Yes, this is good news for people who are browsing for most of the time using their cellphone. You can do this by double-tapping or just by pinching. This is as easy as double tapping the area that you would like to see even more. Pinching on the other hand works but moving your fingers close together. This will zoom out your display. If you want the normal screen, double tap.

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Image Editor Online

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There are many kinds of photo editing software that can be bought or downloaded for free. Some of the popular ones include Adobe Photoshop, Apple Aperture 3, and Corel PaintShop Pro X5. What if you’re away from your usual workstation and you need to do some fast photo editing? This article will provide some image editors online that you can use as alternative.

Aviary Phoenix

This image editor includes a variety of options that can aid you in your photo editing. There are stuff like layers, magic wand tool, and blending just like in your downloaded software. Aside from that, Aviary Phoenix also has tools such as a vector editor and filter editor. You can enjoy this editor for free without even having to sign up. The advantage of signing up is that you get to join the Aviary Phoenix community and share your editor works with other users. If you want full access to this image editors features, you can go premium for only $25 a year.

To use Aviary Phoenix, visit their official website:

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is an online image editor created by Adobe. It has a user-friendly interface and all the image editing basics are there. There are also advanced features included such as distortion, tinting, and sketching. If you just want to practice or try Photoshop Express, you can use the pictures that are already saved in this image editor. You can also use any photo that you want but you should have your own registered account.

Photoshop Express can be found on this link:


When you visit the official website of Pixlr, you will notice that there are three kinds of editors to choose from—Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express, and Pixlr-o-matic. Pixlr Editor looks like your usual photo editing software. It has a toolbar, a history panel, and you can see your layers. This is commonly used for advanced editing of photos. If you only need very basic image editing, you may want to use Pixlr Express which offers options like cropping, red-eye reduction, and you can also add text or stickers if you want. Pixlr-o-matic on the other hand features a lot of borders and backgrounds to choose from, as well as effects and filters. This version of Pixlr is more popular to teens.

You can use Pixlr by visiting this link:

To sum up…

There are many image editors online that you can access anywhere as long you have an internet connection. The online image editors mentioned in this article have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is still up to you which one to use depending on your needs.

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How to Access instead of your Local Google Domain

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Have you ever experienced typing in your web browser’s address bar and automatically get redirected to a local google domain? If you live in Australia for instance, you might find yourself redirected to the local domain of that specific region.

Modifying your Search Engine to

Google provides the most relevant results based on your search terms and also by detecting your IP address and redirecting you to country specific google domains. Google Redirect may be useful in a way that it would show local results and suggestions that is based on the search preference of people in your country. However, if you prefer to use the regular website to search, you may follow the simple steps listed below.

Step One: Open your web browser.

There are a lot of web browsers that may be used to retrieve information from the World Wide Web. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, it will turn out just fine.

Step Two: Use the “/ncr” trick.

This step is pretty simple, all you have to do is type and you will be able to visit the regular website (ncr stands for no country redirection). Your browser’s cookie will be saved and you will not be redirected again. If you want to use your local google domain again you just have to clear the browser’s cookies.


The difference between using the regular version of google and the localized versions is that the regular version produces international results whereas the localized versions show results that are area-specific.

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How to delete Instagram

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Instagram is a favourite social photo sharing site and app of many. It rose to popularity because of the convenience in taking photos, using filters and sharing. Whether you are tired of sharing your photos or just tired of the people you share with.

how to delete instagram takes just a few steps:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to the instagram homepage (
  3. Click the “log in” button
  4. Type in you username and password then click the “log in” button.
  5. Look at the upper right hand corner of your screen and click your username.
  6. Select “edit profile” from the drop down menu.
  7. Look at the bottom right corner and click “I’d like to delete my account”.
  8. From the drop down menu, click the reason why you want to delete your instagram account.
  9. Enter your password in the box that says “to continue, please re-enter your password”.
  10. Click “permanently delete my account”


  • Deleting an instagram account can also be done using a smartphone but not directly from the app. Follow the same process above using the internet browser of your smartphone.

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How to download music from YouTube

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YouTube is a very interesting video posting and viewing community that is free for all. It is so simple to find the songs you like with just a few clicks and sometimes, you like a song so much, you want to keep it on loop in your own computer or gadget.

Here is how you can download music from YouTube:

1. Find the song you want to download on YouTube.
2. Right click and copy the URL of the video that can be found at the top of the browser.
3. In a new browser window, type the key words “best YouTube to mp3 converter”.

Some recommendations are:

4. In the mp3 converter website, look for the bar where the URL is supposed to go.
5. Paste the URL into the bar.
6. Click the “convert video” button.
7. Wait as the file is being processed and the download is complete.
7. Find a link that says “download”.
8. Your computer will download the song. This may take seconds up to a few minutes depending on your internet speed and the size of the mp3 file.

9. Once the download is finished, click on the song for it to play on your media player.
10. Check if the file is playing smoothly.
11. Rename or move it around your audio library if needed.

Thanks to the technology that we have now, downloading songs from YouTube is easy as pie.

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How to open a JAR file

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JAR files are very important as they are used by the leading programming language Java which was gotten released in 1995 across the world and developed by the Sun Microsoft. It is very easy to open a JAR file, just look through this article and will come to know how to open a JAR file.


If you are going to open a jar then you must meet these requirements such as:

  • JAR file
  • Internet access
  • Installed Java

How to open a JAR?

The easy but effective steps how to open a JAR file are described below.

  1. First download a free copy of the software Java and save it into your pc.
  2. Then click the file to install Java and follow the instructions what then comes one by one after double clicking on the application.
  3. Then go to the JAR which one you wanted to open. It should be in .jar form as extension.
  4. Then consider double click on the JAR file.
  5. If it is a compressed file then it’ll open and run by itself.
  6. But if it’s not a compressed file then you’ll have to right click on the Jar file.
  7. Select the option ‘open’ from the context menu. Then the packed or archived files will be unpacked.

You can also use the WinZip to open a JAR file if there is some Java programs in the JAR file.

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How to zoom in on Firefox

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Mozila Firefox is an internet bRead more about How to -  simple manuals on the webowser and helps to get the whole world within a computer screen, anyway there might be different cases when you may need to zoom you web page. If you don’t know how to zoom in on Firefox then we are here to help you. We will tell you the simplest way how to zoom in on Firefox.

How to zoom in on Firefox?

There are two ways to zoom in on Firefox.

  • Using Keyboard
  • From menu

From Keyboard:

To zoom in from keyboard you have to follow these instructions:

  • Open your desired page in Mozila Firefox
  • Press ctrl++
  • See it’s zoomed in.

From Menu:

There is a menu bar upon the Firefox bar. You may zoom in from there following the command:

Go to menu bar >View>zoom in.

Ok that’s it. Now you have the zoomed fonts or pictures.

Some factors related to it

When you are zooming another windows which are opened along with it might be in harm. And another fact is you can also use Firefox in your android or mobile phone there also have the option of zooming. This helps to watch the tiny letters of mobile to see clearly.

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How to zip a folder

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There are so many reasons to zip a folder or file such as to save space on drive and it is easier to work with the zip files. That’s why you need to know how to zip a folder.


If you are going to zip an encrypted file then you need to know that many of your personal data from the zip file may destroy.

How to zip a folder

There are many ways how to zip a folder such as:

  • Zip one folder
  • Zip multiple folders
  • Add files to zip folder

This processes how to zip a folder are described below:

Zip one folder

If you want zip just one folder then just  make a right click on the zipped folder and choose the option ‘send to’ from the menu and then choose ‘compressed(zipped)folder’ from the submenu.

Then simply rename the folder pressing enter after writing the name in place of ‘New folder’

Zip multiple folders

Just choose the folders you want to zip together and send it to the compressed file as the upper way and rename it.

Add files to zip folder

You can also add file to a previously zipped folder. You just have to drag the folder or folders selecting them to the zipped folder. You can do it using mouse and you have to keep moving your selected folder until you see ‘+copy’. Then release the mouse button from the left click. By this way your file will be added to the zipped folder as a compressed or zipped file.

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How to screenshot on Mac

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Mac is not so complicated operating system and if you want to know how to screenshot on Mac then I’m here to help you. There are some easy steps to take screenshot on Mac and those are described below for you.

Different types of screenshot on Mac

  • Full screenshot
  • Partial screenshot
  • Manually screenshot

How to screenshot on Mac

The steps are different to take screenshot in those different types of screenshot. From them first two options are to take screenshot using keyboard and another if from menu bar. Those are given below:

Full screenshot

Press the button 3 holding down command and shift button together. Thus your screenshot will be saved into desktop and the name will be according to date and time.

Partial screenshot

You have to select the rectangle area using the cursor and then you have to press the button 4 holding down command and shift button together. Thus your screenshot will be saved into desktop and the name will be according to date and time.

Manually screenshot

Follow this command: File>Take Screen Shot>From Selection…/From Window…/From Entire Screen.

Thus you can save your capture as JPG, TIF, and PDF and so on.

How to copy paste to any editor

Follow any combination of steps from full screen and partial screenshot holding down the control button, this will save your capture to the clipboard. Then press V button holding down command button and this will paste your capture to the editor you’re using or you want.

These are the easy ways how to screenshot on Mac, follow them and you’ll get your desired capture.

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How to unzip a folder

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There may be so many files over internet which are zipped within a folder that you may be wanted to download or upload. For this purpose you need to understand the simple process how to unzip a folder.

Necessity of unzipping a folder

It is very necessary to know how to unzip a folder because of simplicity and easiness of using the unzipped element of a zipped folder. As it is an obvious that there will remain most of the downloaded file in zipped format, we have to learn how to unzip a folder.

How to unzip a folder

We can unzip a folder using WinZip software which is used to zip or unzip any folder or file. Complete instructions how to unzip a folder are given below.

  • First download the WinZip from its official site
  • Then you have to install it into your PC.
  • Then download the zipped file as you want.
  • Make a double click on the icon of downloaded zipped the file.
  • When the alert box will appear to ask you whether you are sure of what you are doing and if you you understand the terms and conditions. Then click ‘agree’ of the winzip widow.
  • Next you have to select all the files from the zipped folder which you want to extract.
  • Then click the extract or unzip button to extract the files to a new folder of your desire.

Then you can go to the new folder or rename it by considering right clicking on the name of the

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