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When is Y not a vowel

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The letter Y can be confusing. Sometimes, it can be regarded as a consonant, while at times, a vowel. But really, when is Y not a vowel?

The Way Y Works

Y works in various ways. It is not a vowel when it sounds like a consonant. This goes for the words like you, yawn, yellow, you’re and so on. Hence, the simple rule therefore is this – Y is a consonant when it appears as the first letter of a syllable in a word. But then, if the letter is situated between consonants, then Y is considered to be a vowel.

Y as a consonant

Once you understand how the nature of this letter goes, it would not be that difficult to understand how it becomes a consonant. To end this, do not forget that it is consonant when there is already a vowel in the word.

More about Y as consonant

There are only 5 vowels in the alphabet. Those which are not included in the a,e,i,o,u are considered consonants which technically includes y. However, y can take the place of i. This is understandable because writing and speaking work in a very different way. The rules for writing are way different than that of speaking. This happens in many words like gym, cycle, baby, hairy, sky among others. This is the main reason why the y in yet acts as a consonant rather than a vowel.

Apart from the aforementioned, y is not considered consonants when they appear as a diphthong in a word. Diphthong is the glide of one vowel sound coming into another in a syllable.

Looking at the case of the word boy, where y is not a consonant but rather a vowel. This vowel has been the product of the o and y combination. For most of the time, y is a consonant when there is a vowel on the syllable already. Y appears to be a consonant as well when it takes the place of the J sound, mostly, appearing to be a soft j.

This is the reason behind the pronunciation of the names Yoda and Yolanda. Aside from these, y is not a consonant when there is no other vowels in the word like try, cry, my, bicycle, why and so on.

 To sum it up

The use of y varies. Meaning, it can be a consonant or it can be a vowel, depending upon how it was used. It serves various purposes. If you are to take it on the phonetics point of view which deals with sound, letters will neither be consonants or vowels. For such case, y is also being seen as a semi-vowel.

Y represents many sounds. To be specific, there are 4 sounds which can be derived from the said letter. There is hard y, short sound i, long sound i, and long e sound. For the hard y, the perfect example is the word yield. For the short i, the word bicycle is a good example. My is the representation of y producing long i and the word baby is the example for y creating the long e sound.

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How to Bake Bacon

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Little do people know that baking bacon can be very easy for there is a simple procedure for it. Learn about the procedure in this article.

Steps in Baking Bacon

1. Set up your oven first. Make sure to preheat it in 400 degrees Fahrenheit

The heat is depending on your bacon’s cut, be it thin or regular. For instance you are to bake a thick-cut bacon, make sure to preheat your oven into 375 degrees Fahrenheit first.

2. Line a baking pan or cookie sheet coming along side with a heavy-duty foil.

This needs to be done once the oven has been preheated. Arrange the said bacon on the pan properly. It should be arranged side by side without overlapping each other. For you to achieve this, make sure to leave a space between your bacon slices so that they can crisp and brown easily.

3. Leave it for a while after.

Now, the minutes that you need to give this depends on your bacon cut. You need 12-17 minutes for thin-cuts. This though depends on personal preference. There are people who like their bacon crispy. If this is your case, then you might have to leave your bacon for 16-18 minutes. As for thick bacon on the other hand, you will have to bake it for 10 minutes.

4. Turn the bacon using your tongs.

After turning the bacon, you may return the pan to the oven and do not forget to bake it for 12-17 minutes. Make sure that the bacon has browned.

5. Check for the bubbles.

This is important because from this, you will be able to know if you are already done with your baking. Aside from the bubbles, the baking will also make less noise.

5. Remove the bacon from the oven once you had undergone step number

6. Drain it on paper towels.


1. Be on guard!

In baking the bacon, make sure that you are guarding it, especially during the last few minutes of baking. This will give you a chance to make sure that the bacon will not burn.

2. Remove it right away!

Do not forget to remove the cooked bacon from your hot pan. This should be done right away. If you will not do this, the heat coming from your pan and hot bacon fat will still continue cooking.

3. Do not over do it!

It would also be a good idea for you to undercook the bacon. After, cool and freeze it using a zipper bag. Once done, you may do the reheating. You can cook two slices in your microwave mostly, in a power of 30 seconds.

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How to Vacuum a Pool

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People have a common notion that pool cleaning is difficult. This should not be hard if you know the basic of pool vacuuming. Your pool is an investment. Take care of it by knowing how to vacuum a pool. With this article, you will know how to vacuum your pool easily. It should not be that difficult.

The Steps in Pool Vacuuming

1. Prepare a pool hose

This is the first thing that you need to do. Make sure that the pool hose is long enough. It has to reach the far side of the pool in which the host needs to be connected to the inlet.

2. Get an expanding pool pole

This is the next thing that you need to do once you had the pool hose already. This expanding pool pole should be long enough as well that it can reach the center of the pool. Then after, work on the side too.

3. Check on the attachments

These attachments are brush, wheels, and a leaf adapter. All of them can be found alongside with a skimmer basket.

4. Gather your tools

Checking your tools in essential to know everything is in place. See the suction line valve too. Know if it is properly equipped. Select the port before you even begin to vacuum. Make sure to select the port that you will use in vacuuming. This can either be skimmer or lower.

5. Assemble everything

In assembling, you need to connect your vacuum head to your hose. The high-end hoses will have swiveling ends eventually. To prevent problems with drawing air, you need to join the swiveling end to the head. Make sure that they are attached properly and firmly. They need to be well secured.

6. Check the connections

This is done to make sure that everything is in place. Try to lower the head, hose and pole. Do it into the deep end. This will leave one end of the pole floating above the water.

7. Take free end of the hose, fill with water

This step should be done while preventing the air from coming into the pump. This is termed as priming. This is the part where water is being sent through the hose. While doing this, you will notice bubbles which are rising from the head of the vacuum. Once the hose is filled with water already, you will notice that no bubbles will come out. If this happens, suction has been created already. The head will be flat and tight on the floor of the pool.

8. Switch the filter nozzle

This is the step when you switch the nozzle into the intake mode instead. Intake mode is the time when the water is being sucked. You need to guide the head of the vacuum in this. Use the telescopic pole on the floor. You will see the dirt which is being sucked in. Vacuum properly and enjoy the process! Make sure to maneuver the vacuum on the sides of the pool!

Pool vacuuming can be easy if you know what you are doing. This is a task that you need to prepare regularly. With this, you will no longer have a hard time cleaning your pool!

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How to Zoom Out on Firefox

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Zoom allows you to increase or even decrease the size of Firefox web page you are browsing at. It is called zooming in and out. This is also termed as the default zoom. This is perfect for individuals who want to improve the readability of Firefox. But sometimes, people do not really know how this thing works. They often lead to zooming in their Firefox page so much that they do not even know how to zoom it out. If this happens to you for a lot of time, this article intends to help you in understanding the zoom settings.

How to Zoom Out on Firefox

Zooming out on Firefox can be done on various ways. With this, you may consider using your keyboard, mouse, menu and toolbar.

1. Press and hold ctrl while pressing –

This works if you want to zoom out using your keyboard. Just a tip, it is actually working in reverse with zooming in. If you want to make use of the normal and default size, then press ctrl alongside with 0.

2. Press and hold ctrl while scrolling down

This works if you are using a mouse. The scrolling is also appropriate if your mouse has a scroll wheel. This would have to be the easiest step in zooming out your webpage.

3. Press Alt

This is appropriate if you want to change the size of your web page using the menu button. You will stumble upon this on the top of the Firefox window. What you need to do once you see the menu is click View then, look for the Zoom part.

4. Select on the Customize toolbar

This works if you want to zoom out using Toolbar. Upon seeing the Toolbar window, drag and click Zoom Controls. Then click Done to finish what you are doing. You can even click – to zoom out in no time!

The above mentioned are the ways in zooming out your Firefox. It can be easy for you have various options. Think now if you want to use your keyboard, mouse, menu or toolbar instead. All of them can be effective in dealing with this Firefox feature.

When do I use Zoom?

There are various purposes for the Zoom feature. You use it if you want not just to increase the size of your Firefox web page but also in increasing your font size instead. What is even more interesting is that today, this Zoom feature also works for mobile phones! Yes, this is good news for people who are browsing for most of the time using their cellphone. You can do this by double-tapping or just by pinching. This is as easy as double tapping the area that you would like to see even more. Pinching on the other hand works but moving your fingers close together. This will zoom out your display. If you want the normal screen, double tap.

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How to Fall Asleep

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Sleeping is necessary for one to keep up with his daily activities. However, there are people out there who are having a hard time sleeping. If this is the case with you why you are reading this article, it will be a good idea for you to search for ideas on falling asleep fast.

How to Fall Asleep Fast?

1. Do not let your mind think of something else

You need to be firm about sleeping. When you say that you are going to sleep, sleep then. You need to stop thinking about things that happened over the course of the day on your bed. In this case, it will be very useful to empty your mind. Think of the color white instead. Imagine that everything you see around is white. Be relaxed.

2. Keep distractions away from your bed.

This may do by putting away your TV. You also need to make sure that there is no similar thing that will keep your attention for hours. You know what will work instead? A book. Read a good book or might as well a boring one. This will put you to sleep in no time! Magazines are different though! They will not work the way books do. So, stick with the books instead!

3. Turn the lights off

This is one of the most effective steps in falling asleep fast. Melatonin would be responsible in making you fall asleep fast. It will knock you out because Melatonin is being activated during dark environments. You will really sleep like a baby without the lights on.

4. Cut Caffeine Intake

This is not a myth. Cutting your caffeine intake will really help if you want to sleep fast. Whenever you drink caffeine, your adenosine receptors are being bounded. This is the reason why people cannot sleep whenever they drink coffee.

5. Pretend to be sleepy

Yes, it is all in the attitude! You need to pretend that you are sleepy in order to be sleepy! At the beginning, you would not feel sleepy at all. This is the part where you need to do your best in thinking of things that will make you feel sleepy. And eventually, one thing is for sure, you will fall asleep afterwards. Do this everytime you cannot fall asleep! This will work for sure!

6.  Stick to good remedies

Yes, this may sound funny but you can always count sheep if you want! This works! Just make sure that you do not make fun of it! Count sheep seriously and you will really feel sleepy. You will not be able to finish counting! This is for certain!

7. Feel good

Most of the time, people cannot sleep because of stress. So, if you are to feel good about things, you will most likely be free from stress. Do this as a start. Then after, make it a habit and do it every day. You will notice that you will not even struggle in sleeping. The stress will be gone. This is for certain.

8. Stick to Low-Sugar Diet

What you eat reflects on your ability to fall asleep. High-sugar foods increase stress hormone levels. If this happens, you will be wide awake until the morning. If you can, remove sugar from your diet.

Sleeping should not be that hard. It is a need that you need to satisfy. Sleep tight and do not let the bed bugs bite!

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When is Y a Vowel

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The letter Y can be confusing. Upon looking at the alphabets, you can say that it is a consonant because it does not belong on the 5 vowels that we have. However, it can be used as vowels sometimes. Its function therefore depends on how it was used.

The Way it Happens

There are times when Y acts as a vowel. Mostly, this is depending on how you use it in a word. You know by instinct that y is a vowel in synch but not in buy. Your common sense will also tell you that it is a consonant in boy but not in fly. With this you might be asking why… and with that last word, you surely know that y is a vowel… but really, Y?

Upon looking at the alphabets, you can say that it is a consonant because it does not belong on the 5 vowels that we have. However, it can be used as vowels sometimes. Y is considered as a vowel when the word doesn’t have a, e, i, o or u or in short, when the word does not have any vowels. This is the reason why Y functions as a vowel in the word “myth.” It produces a long /i/ sound since it is the only vowel that you can see from the word. Hence, Y is a vowel in the word “why” but not in the word “Monday.” That is when you will know if Y is used as a vowel or not.

But Y?

Y can also function as a vowel because vowels are different. They are unique. English words are usually made of vowels. Per word, a vowel should be included. This is the reason why whenever you cannot find a vowel in a word and there is the letter Y, Y will automatically take the vowel function. This is how powerful vowels are. Whenever there is no vowel in your word, Y will take the place of vowel, this is the explanation WHY. See?

Apart from the above mentioned, you will also know that Y is a vowel in a word if it sounds like one. This happens most especially when Y is located in a word or sometimes, at the end of the word. So yes, Y is a vowel in gym and sky.

Y and its variations

If Y is located at the end of a one-syllable word, it will create the long /i/ sound. Hence, i is a long /i/ in the words by, sky and my. Aside from this, you can also expect Y to take the sound of a vowel if it is found at the end of words containing two or more syllable. In such case, it will produce the long /e/ sound. Words occurring in such are baby, many and happy. There is also the so called consonant-vowel-consonant pattern. As for this pattern, short /i/ can be produced. See the words myth and gym.

You should know Y

Do not be confused because instinct will tell you if Y is a vowel or consonant. With regard to the function of vowels, you will only be able to know how it occurs in a word unless you see how it was used.

There are variations indeed, unlike with other consonants which do not take any forms like b,c,d and so on. Vowels are sounds. If you are being asked if Y is a vowel in a word, then base it on the sound. If you will look on how it is being written all the time, then you will always say that Y is consonant.

To put it simply

Y is a vowel if it creates a vowel sound. It is also a vowel if it is the only vowel-sounding letter in the word. Hence, it is a vowel in the word SIMPLY but not in the word Yawn. That is Y!

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How to write an abstract

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Abstract is a short and effective description of your research paper or report on any topic that will help your professor or boss to know about the concept and main ideas of your research. It helps to make your paper more acceptable at first look to the superior and makes them interested to take look through it, that’s why you have to know how to write an abstract perfectly.

Have some ideas about abstract

Firstly you have to clarify yourself about the type of your abstract. I mean to say you have to know what you are writing before knowing how to write an abstract. When you will know if it is an academic report or a research paper or a data representing paper on behalf of any company, you can then proceed to the next steps to make a unique and quality abstract.

Steps to write a complete abstract

There are some general factors which have to be followed in every types of abstract. They are described below:


You have to make sure your abstract contain all the keywords which may found in the main articles. If you are writing a database research paper then you have to share some database keywords like some problems and their solutions in your abstract. It is not sufficient to add those and you have to put here a complete description of the keys so that reader wouldn’t face any difficulties to understand it.


You have to ask some questions to yourself and try to reflect the answers completely in the article. The questions may be of these types such as

  • How many keywords you’ve used there?
  •  Which steps you’ve taken to complete your job?
  • If your result was perfect or not and so on?

Discussing approach is very important here and you also have to put your research result in your abstract.


Consider to give some appropriate discussion and conclusion in your abstract. In discussion part you have to discuss about everything you’ve faced when researching whether it may be positive or negative and their reasons but in conclusion you have put some positive experience. And most importantly consider several revisions to avoid any type of mistake.

Now you know how to write an abstract so put your approach to impress your professor or office boss with your research paper confidently following these instructions.

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BMI (Body mass index) is used to measure our body fat.


Body mass index is also called Quetlet Index. It is a measurement technique by which we can measure our body fat based on our height and weight. It is world widely.

How to determine our BMI

We can estimate BMI by following way.

BMI= weight (kg)/height (m2).


Let my height is 5 ft 4’’, and my weight is 57 kg. Now I am going to calculate my BMI.

[1ft= 12 inch, so 5ft 4inch ={(12*5) +4} = 64 inch. 1 inch = 2.5 cm so, 64 inch =(64*2.5) =2.56]

So, my BMI is =weight (kg)/height (m2) =57/1.60*1.60= 22.2


WHO referred that if one’s BMI is 18.5 then he or she will suffer from  underweight, malnutrition, and whose BMI is greater than 25 he or she will suffer from overweight and when BMI comes above 30 then he or she will suffer from obesity.

Categories BMI range kg/m2 BMI prime
Very severely underweight Less than 15 Less that 0.60
Severely underweight from 15 to 16 from 0.60 to 0.65
 Underweight  from 16 to 18.5 From 0.65 to 0.75
Normal (healthy) from 18.5 to 25 From 0.75 to 1
Overweight from  25 to 30 From 1.0 to 2
Obese class 1(moderate obese) from 30 to 25 From 1.2 to 1.4
Obese class 2 (severe obese) from  35 to 40 From 1.4 to 1.5

BMI for age

To assess body fat of any children, BMI is used.  It is calculated same way as for adults. When people whose age 20years or under having BMI is less than 6th percentile then he or she considered as underweight and above 94th percentile will suffer from obesity. When BMI is 86th to 96th for the age group of under 20 will suffer from overweight.

Things that you should know about BMI


  • It is a simple method
  • Time consuming method
  • Easy to understand
  • Apart from shoe no need to remove cloths.

Short comings

  • It is not distinguish between overweight and obesity.
  • It is not differentiate between muscle mass, fat, internal organ. Skeletal weight.


BMI provides us a quick result about people’s body fat. It has some limitations. To get an accurate result we should use BMI with other anthropometric test.

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How to draw anime eyes

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Anime eyes are part of makes the Japanese cartoon drawing distinct from any other cartooning style. Anime eyes are typically bigger, bolder and show greater emotion. Learning how to draw anime eyes is a basic skill for anyone who wants to draw and anime character.


  • Clean sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Eraser
  • Coloring materials


1. Basic anime eyes

  • Draw two curved lines that look like a parenthesis but draw them horizontally and with a lot of space in between. The top curve should be slightly longer than the bottom curve.
  • Connect the two curved lines with slightly curved vertical lines.
  • Draw a big circle in the middle. This will be the be the pupil.
  • Draw one smaller circle on the bottom left side of the pupil and another smaller circle at the upper right side of the pupil. These small circles give the eyes the shiny or glint effect.
  • Thicken the top curve and draw a mini-line near the end of the curve.
  • Draw the finishing touches such as eye brows and lashes.
  • Trace your drawing with a pen.
  • Erase unnecessary marks carefully.
  • Color in the pupil with a darker shade and the other parts should be shaded from dark to light, top to bottom. Leave the smaller circles colorless.
  • Follow the same procedure for the other eye.

2. Female anime eyes

  • Follow the steps for basic anime eyes but make the top curve slightly longer and more elegant.
  • Draw in the top lashes on the thick top curve. Anime lashes are bolder and thicker and the tips are more pointed or winged out.
  • Draw the bottom lashes at the bottom curve. These should be sparser and much lighter than the top lashes.
  • The eyebrows could be a little curve or pointed depending on the emotion you want to convey but they should look more brushed than stiff.
  • Trace with a pen, erase pencil lines and color.

3. Male anime eyes

  • Draw two curves with thinner tips at the left. Similar to the female eye, the top curve should still be thicker.
  • Draw a half circle near the left end.
  • Draw a small circle in the middle for the pupil.
  • Draw curves at the sides to show the skin around the eye.
  • Draw a brushed curve with the thickest part being the middle and the thinnest part going out for the brows.
  • Trace with a pen, erase pencil lines and color.


  • Though anime eyes are supposed to be big, make sure you don’t make them too big or they will take up so much space on the face.
  • Don’t forget to change the eyebrow shapes and angles to suit the emotion of the character.
  • To make the eyes look less energetic or less happy, draw the top and bottom curves closer together.
  • Drawing the eyes closer to the bottom of the face or the chin gives it a “cuter” look, which is perfect for child characters and girls.
  • Choose complimentary colors for shading the eyes.
  • Don’t expect perfection right away. Drawing anime eyes takes practice. Look at more pictures until you develop your own style.

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How to not throw up

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Throwing up is not any usual case and it’s really bad for your health and for your appearance among crowd especially when you are surrounded with different important persons of your life or from your office. So it’s an obvious to know how to not throw up or vomit to keep maintaining every situation.

Reasons of vomiting

Throwing up or vomiting may happen from different serious reasons of like acidity problem, headache, and fever or from other sickness. But there is another reason for vomiting in any public place which is very embarrassing and it is drinking alcohol. Over drinking is one of the main reasons to vomit. So we should be aware of that.

How to not throw up

There are some processes of avoiding vomiting for instant such as:

  • Control your drinking and food habit.
  • Do some extra efforts.

These options are elaborated below.

Control your drinking and food habit

There are some cautions which may apply to your food and drinking habit. Those are given here.

In case of drinking. You should not drink too much when it would be your first time because then you might not be able to control. Also you should keep a limit when drinking because over amount of drinking alcohol causes heavy throwing up.

In case of food. You should not try those foods which don’t suit your taste. And many foods may control vomiting like lemons or any other sour green foods. You may take some fruits when you are over drunk to control vomiting or you may drink water.

Do some extra efforts

You can go out and take some fresh air which will make you feel good when you are feeling like throwing up.

Effects of throwing up

There are so many bad effects of vomiting along with a small amount of benefit.

Bad effects

It may make you sick and may cause bleeding. It also tears down the esophageal line along with tooth enamel. Throwing is so dangerous that it may cause harm to heart.

Good effects

It may help you to feel relieved lessening your suffocations and it brings out the pollutants from inside your body. If you’ve taken any medicine or poison by mistake or willingly then throwing is the best way to make it come out from your body to save your life.

These are the facts related vomiting. When you are known to how to not throw up or how to control it then you may come out from different difficult situations and also save your sensitive organs from the

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